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For over 20 years, JP Haarlem has provided full-service furniture deliveries in the Benelux.
JP Haarlem stands for attention, skill and flexibility: we think along with you and your customer.

That way, you can focus on what you’re good at, and we take care of the rest.

Furniture Distribution & Fulfilment

The transport of your furniture from A to Z in safe hands.
JP Haarlem takes care of the entire logistics process of your sale. Your furniture can be delivered directly by the supplier in one of our three warehouses in Haarlem, Tilburg or Sint-Niklaas (Belgium). From these locations we deliver to your customer, your own warehouse or showroom at any desired location. We also take care of the return process and the collection and recycling of old furniture.
Full Service Delivery

Your furniture is neatly unpacked, assembled and tidied with your customer
A delivery from JP Haarlem goes further than just transport. The delivery of furniture requires attention, precision and professionalism. This starts with the acceptance of the piece from the supplier and only ends when your piece of furniture is assembled and in the right place at your customer’s house. Most deliveries are therefore made by two furniture deliverers and with the utmost care for the furniture item and the wishes and contents of your customer. Always with protective clothing and felt, or even in the form of white glove deliveries.
Assembly & Installation

We work with certified furniture makers and fitters
Our furniture deliverers are trained to take care of assembly and installations. In this way, every (buffet) cupboard, bed, table or sofa can be delivered fully assembled to your customer. For specific assemblies and installations of high-quality designer furniture, we have specialized furniture makers and engineers in-house.
Complex Delivery

A suitable solution for every situation
Homes come in all shapes and sizes and although we can automate much of the logistics process, the delivery of a piece of furniture in a home remains a human work. Of course JP Haarlem has all the possible tools that are necessary to make the delivery a success. Whether it concerns a delivery using a hoist, moving lift, ladder or with more than two people. The assessment of how to deliver the best can only be made with the right expertise. JP Haarlem has had this expertise for years and therefore knows how to act adequately if a situation demands it. For example if a window or door needs to be dismantled.

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